1. What Is Dropship2Cash and How Can It Make Me Money?

Dropship2Cash is an incredibly unique opportunity that allows anyone who wishes receive a passive income from their own home. You can accomplish this with Dropship2Cash in a few different ways. The main money making method that we offer is Dropshipping Spots. Each Dropshipping Spot that you hold will generate you unlimited passive income payments directly from our Dropshipping Network.The other way you can make money with us is by referring others to the opportunity. You'll get paid upto 20% per referral. Also, we offer an additional income stream that will make you money with dropshipping.

2. How do I Reserve My Dropshipping Spots?

We offer many different ways to pay for your Dropshipping Spots. Currently, we accept Payza, Bitcoin through Payza, and Perfect Money.

3. What Do I Get Paid For Referring Others Into Dropship2Cash?

You'll get paid 10% of their Dropshipping Spot purchases on the 1st Level. You'll get paid 5% on the 2nd level of referrals. As well as another 5% on the 3rd level of referrals. This really adds up and can create a massive income stream all by itself!

4. Can I Get Paid For Referrals Even If I Do Not Buy Dropshipping Spots?

Absolutely! You do not need to purchase anything to refer people. In fact, many people make HUGE passive incomes from referrals alone!

5. What's The Minimum I Can Withdraw From My Account?

You can withdraw when your account balance reaches $10.01.

6. How Can I Withdraw My Profits?

You'll need to be logged into your account area. Once logged in, visit the Withdraw section of your Member's Area and fill out your details! We only pay out to Payza and Perfect Money.

You'll NEED a Payza account to withdraw your earnings! It's completely free to signup with Payza and they'll give you speedy access to your money. Also, please note that withdrawing to Perfect Money is only for people who've paid with Perfect Money!

Signup For Your Payza Account By Clicking The Banner Below!

7. Do You Have an Office? Can I Visit You?

We do have an office. You can find our address below. However, we are currently not equipped to allow public visits. If you wish to speak with us, please contact our Support Department

Skeppsgatan 19
211 11
Malmo, Sweden

8. Do You Have Someone I Can Speak To In Person or on The Phone?

Unfortunately, we do cannot accomodate any form of Phone Support. This opportunity is available for millions of people so as much as we love hearing from you, we cannot speak with you over the phone or in person. It's just not possible to provide that kind of support and keep paying out the amount of profits that we can. However, we do have a fully staffed support desk that will be able to assist you with any concern you have.

9. Can I Reinvest My Profits?

Absolutely! You can do this by visiting the Reserve Your Spots area of your account and scrolling down to the bottom.

10. I made a Payment for a Dropshipping Spot but it's still not there. What Happened?

Our team of Fraud Prevention Specialists will manually review all Paypal and PerfectMoney payments. This means that it can take upto 24 hours for these transactions to be approved. Please wait this timeframe before opening a support tickcet

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